Improve awareness inside organization

An employee may not be aware of what the person sitting five desk apart is working on.

He might be working on the same problem that this employee worked on last month.

Prevent this re-inventing the wheel in your organization.

Speed up the flow of information

Information does not flow at the speed of twitter in your organization.

Any information that you want to share with employees does not get across at that speed.

Take decisions at speed of light.


More and more work is done these days when the employees are away from the desk.

It is important that they are connected with the work they are doing in office from their mobile phone.

Work from anywhere.

Capture Knowledge

Capture the cycle of evolution of a product which is as much important as the final product itself.

It should be captured and retained so that you are not dependent on any employee leaving the company.


Your employees mostly would be operating in silos - everyone is like a different system.

They need a way to share, organize and retain the information.


Private Social Network for your company

Using Quipmate your employees -

Know whom they are working with.

Know what other employees are working on.

They are always connected with every other person in the organization.

Always have access to everything - the company files, tools, expertise and history wherever they are and whenever they need.

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